Feb 26, 2013



Today kicks off the start of a new series that I am going to explore, ie guest blog postings by various estate managers that I respect and admire. Most if whom are currently employed in the Los Angeles area.I have given them free reign to talk about any subject matter they would like, any length and with or without pictures. I hope to develop this into an interactive video series that will also be an addition to my upcoming book about the fascinating world of Estate Management. I hope you all enjoy it and feel free to contact me with any suggestions or questions you may have regarding this experiment. Without further adieu..please find below GUEST BLOG #1: Doug The REAL FINE LINE!After 20 plus years in the Personal Services business…. there is a REAL FINE LINE.My experiences have taught me many things… paramount would be SHUT UP first and observe.Each home we come to work in is just that a HOME! Outsiders of our profession have no idea what it is like to be in the home of someone you work for. This is not an office where you get the guarded refined person who took a shower, went to the gym and slid into a 7500 dollar suit. Our inside view is of the messy haired, unshaven, gas passing troglodyte who signs your paycheck. This is the trenches….. you are either working in a time of peace of you are in the middle of a battle.No matter what, you need to first observe and follow the clues. Some families want you in the thick of it. They want you down and dirty, mix it up, give an opinion, share stories, help teach the children from your personal experience. Others want you to stand in a corner, watch and just be QUIET. They want you to be the unseen unheard staff member.If you are given the opportunity during an interview or a meeting with your agent, ask “How do you like your house run? Formal with unseen staff? Or more casual with certain liberties?”Usually people from old money are a little more relaxed and appreciate staff who know when and where they are needed. New money, or the dreaded second WIFE are the more formal stuffy snobs. They seem to be more into appearances and role playing.If you can learn how things should go and you can relax into your place in the puzzle, not only will you be a happier person, you will be a better employee.