I’ve made it a point to make note of my principals’ favorite designers and then set about forging relationships with those houses along Rodeo Dr.After the initial meeting I complete the “studio rental” forms and then once we review my boss’ favorite colors, likes, dislikes, etc. the relationship is formed. Then I am sure to not only hear of the sales first for private viewing but am also notified by email, with pictures on a seasonal basis, looks that may or may not be worth my boss looking at. If so, then her sizes can be pulled. At which point, I will go by the store personally an “edit” the looks. Those that are chosen are then taken to the house on memo for my boss to review and decide what she would like to keep. I want to especially give a shout out to 2 of my favorites, Kylie Dang and Cristina at the house of Lanvin. They are amazing, fun and always a joy to work with. They truly understand what it means to be exemplary in the service department by being so accomodating and hassle-free. Thank you Kylie and Cristina an keep up the great work!!