Edited by guest estate manager Martha Lockie.

Elizabeth Campbell, owner of PawsOnPark, traded her New York City corporate job working with people for a business where animals are her associates.

PawsOnPark is Manhattan’s Upper Eastside premier pet care service and provides every detail of amenity from Central Park walks/runs, to trips to the vet, to sleepovers while owners are out of town.

I made my yearly trip to NYC last October and spent some time visiting an estate manager friend of mine. I met him at his principal’s apartment before we headed out to the theatre. Four Irish wolfhounds ran this home. They were as big as moose and ranged in ages from two to ten. The dogs were kenneled off in a mudroom when I arrived, but everywhere in the house were signs of scratching, chewing and general dog mayhem. Not to mention, it smelled “doggy.”

“My boss keeps me so busy I don’t have any time to take the dogs out for a walk or to the vet, and it’s all I can do to get them to behave. I need to find a solution before he gets back in town and I lose my job!” Luckily, I knew about PawsOnPark and contacted owner, Elizabeth Campbell, immediately.

Ms. Campbell has an extensive background working with animals. She grew up raising, training and showing dogs and funneled her personal passion into PawsOnPark. Fundamentally, she believes that pets behave better when they are well cared for; this includes regular exercise, routine veterinarian exams, socialization, consistent loving care while owners are away, and puppy / behavioral training when needed.

When your principal brings home a new puppy, PawsOnPark provides crate and obedience training so they can begin life in new surroundings with a solid foundation. No one wants to be angry with the newest member of the family and having a professional provide this structure is invaluable.

Walks, runs and lots of play are on the menu at PawsOnPark. Puppies and dogs of all ages thrive with exercise and play and will likely misbehave if they are unable to get their “ya’ya’s” out. Just like humans, their health and wellbeing depends on lots of fresh air, exercise and socialization. Because dogs are pack animals, it’s beneficial to socialize them as much as possible. Even if your family has only one dog, dogs like meeting other dogs in the park and on walks; smelling, barking, running and playing – it’s fun for them. The main reason most dogs chew the furniture, mess in the house and bark incessantly is because they aren’t able to release pent up energy. PawsOnPark customizes runs/walks to suit individual age and health needs, and offers weekend hikes outside the city for the adventurous pooch. A Paws Report text is sent at the end of every walk with a photo, plus any interesting updates so pet owners don’t miss a thing. A happy dog is a well-behaved dog!


PawsOnPark offers daycare and sleepovers for pets needing some extra loving care. When the family is out of town and you’re on vacation, when you need an empty house to do some seasonal cleaning, or when no one is home in the evening for feeding or “tuck-ins,” etc., PawsOnPark will take care of all pets with the same love and attention their family gives them.

PawsOnPark currently services Upper Eastside homes, but will soon expand to include other New York neighborhoods. They are also available to take pets to veterinarian appointments, as all PawsOnPark animals must be up to date with their shots. EMC’s New York Estate Managers can reach Elizabeth at 917-371-2687 and gather additional information from her website pawsonpark.com.

Paws on Park

Paws on Park