Is the house secure?….. No, seriously.Is there an exit strategy in place for the family? Does everyone know what it is?Is there a safe-room? If not, are there weapons? Does everyone in the house know how to access them along with ammunition and more importantly know how to use it safely?How many days of provisions are there? Where are they stored? Do you know where the shut- off valves are for water and gas? When is the last time you had a drill with the staff? When is the last time everyone brushed up on first aid and CPR skills? Pictured here are the guys from Omega Security who among many other things help answer these questions an more. Proud corporate members of the Estate Managers Coalition, who among other things provide members of the coalition with “no cost assessments.” This past week they showed up and now will work on planning and executing an extensive safety plan for the household and everyone in it, giving the entire family that priceless gift…. Peace of mind. Remember, it is your job as the estate manager to always bring peace into the household in a multitude of ways.Security assessment is a big part of that. Thanks Omega!

omega security