Post by guest estate manager Martha Locke featuring Estate Managers Coalition member Precision Security & Protective Services (PSPS).

I wanted to find out more about Precision Security & Protective Services (PSPS) and understand the ways I could enhance my principal’s security, so I asked certified instructor and member of their Special Weapons and Tactics Team, Vince Vaicaro.

This is what Vince had to say.


Martha: Who is Precision Security & Protective Services and what is your background?

Vince:  Precision Security and Protection Services is owned and operated by four Law Enforcement Officers with over 60 years combined experience.
Martha: Tell me about Precision Security’s experience.
Vince: We have over 40 years combined experience in Private Security and Protection details ranging from: planning and deployment of security at the Academy Awards to Estate protection.
Martha: What types of security do you provide?

Vince:  Everything in the private sector from all Armed Security needs (estate protection, event planning and protection, etc.), unarmed security needs, background investigations (full background checks to pre-employment screenings and drug testing), full service Cyber Security, ranging from assessments, monitoring and reporting. We also conduct training classes for civilians in topics ranging from Emergency Preparedness to Cyber Security Classes that will open their eyes to how vulnerable they really are and provide them with a wealth of knowledge.


Martha: If a principal does not have a security team on staff, what are some tips to protect the home and grounds?


Vince: Each property will bring different challenges when it comes to protecting the home. There are so many variables when it comes to each location’s vulnerabilities. There are also many  ways to find the weak points in security. In today’s world protection should be looked at from multiple angles. You may have the best automated security system there is, but if you are not monitoring and protecting your network (that everything runs on) then your security system is useless – because it can easily be taken over from the outside. One form of security is not enough today. If you want to protect your estate and feel safe, you need layered security.

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Martha:  Is an alarm system enough to prevent intruders or is additional security a good idea? If so, what?


Vince: You will deter a good portion of criminals with a basic alarm. However, if an offender understands how alarms work and knows how much time they have until local Law Enforcement Officers arrive, then the alarm will do little to stop them. Alarm systems that are backed by a second form of security will really add to the protection value. Security alarms help protect from the “crimes of opportunity” {when valuables – purse for example – are left in vehicle in plain sight. The window will get smashed and the item is taken quickly.}  The crime would’ve never occurred if the valuable was locked in the trunk, and not easily accessible. During interviews of suspects involved in these types of crimes, they openly admit that if nothing of value is in plain sight, they will move on until they locate valuables that are.  Residential burglary alarms present a hurdle that criminals do not want to overcome, which deters them from attempting to commit crimes in these homes. Criminals will continue to move on until they find and locate that target with easy access and very few, if any hurdles to overcome.


Martha:  Is it a good idea for an estate manager to take some sort of self-defense class?


Vince:  It is a good idea for anyone to take a self-defense class, as long as you remember that it is self- defense and should only be used as a last resort. The best self-defense class will touch on self-awareness. It is more important to be aware of your surroundings and keep yourself from stepping into a situation where you will need to protect yourself. There are so many teaching points in regards to self-awareness that will help you in making those decisions to always put yourself in the right place.  These are all points I really drive home in my Emergency Preparedness class.


Martha:  If I am out in the public with my principal and a suspicious person approaches them, what can I do to protect them immediately?


Vince:  There are many scenarios that could occur with this situation. First, this depends on the principal: Are they well known? What is the threat level towards them, their family, etc.? What are they comfortable with and how far do they want to let things go before any action is taken?  Clearing up these few topics ahead of time will help you to draw up a course of action so you are prepared.


When you decide that you need to remove your principal from the area, the process of removal / extraction and or protection takes place. This can go many different ways also.


Martha:  What do you believe makes Precision Security so successful?

Vince:  The close bond we have formed has helped propel us forward as a team.  Not only do we work extremely well together, we really love what we do and it shows. When you love what you do, you want to improve upon it and strive to be the best you can be.  This is our key ingredient to the success of Precision Security Protective Services!