Putting the House in Order: Domestic Estate Managers Association is Headquartered in Detroit

Masters of service and secrecy, estate managers are adept at handling life’s little (and big) details — for others. These service professionals are in demand globally, and their headquarters are right here in Detroit


Detroit native Matt Haack needed a California guy with connections. That turned out to be Bryan Peele. You’ve never heard of him, but he’s a known commodity among the Hollywood elite. As an “estate manager” within the private-service industry, Peele had built a solid reputation managing the large home of one of the biggest pop stars in music today. That led to his current job as the estate manager for the heirs to a billion-dollar American cosmetics fortune with long ties to the entertainment industry. Like so many other private-service professionals to the super wealthy, Peele is no poser. He’s in, and he knows every intimate detail of how the rich and famous really live.

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