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Luxury Travel

If you’ve ever been curious about where the world’s ultra-high-net-worth individuals (the one percent) spend their hard-earned fortunes, Bryan Peele, President of the Estate Managers Coalition, can help.  As an estate manager in Los Angeles, Peele is responsible for overseeing multiple estates including Malibu and Brentwood, and in addition to managing every detail of the estates he is a 24-hour concierge who knows what’s hot and what’s not for today’s jetsetters.

“It’s my business to know when Bentley has a new model, when Eric Ripert has a new restaurant and what Prada is showing for spring,” said Peele. “I’m in constant communication with luxury brands and destinations, and I can make travel arrangements, dinner reservations or procure a couture cocktail dress at a moments notice.”

From bespoke Louis Vuitton to private membership clubs such as Soho House, Peele is a connoisseur of luxury and he revels in staying on top of the ever-evolving hot spots of the 1%. As the trends shift, and they do shift quickly, Peele remains at the forefront of the zeitgeist and often makes recommendations to his estate owners regarding the hottest destinations, restaurants and brands. With the influx of newly minted millionaires from the burgeoning tech industry, there is a fresh new set of destinations that cater to the uber-young and the uber-wealthy, which has added a whole new level of hot spots to consider.

The ultra-wealthy have always traveled to stylish and luxe locales such as St. Barts and Monaco, but in recent years there has been a shift to include boho chic destinations such as the Spanish island of Ibiza, where the nightclubs are just as popular as the beaches and the 1% can dine at Sublimation, “the most expensive restaurant in the world.” The North Island in the Seychelles has also become a popular playground for the rich and famous, including a royal honeymoon stay from Prince William and Princess Kate, which further highlights the Seychelles as an attractive luxury getaway.

“I make sure that every vacation destination has been vetted in advance and will provide every ounce of luxury my principals are expecting for their getaway,” Peele says. “On several occasions I have been asked to fly to a destination in advance to assess a resort or a property and to ensure it is up to their standards.”

When it comes to indulging in the finest restaurants, the 1% flock to exclusive clubs, such as Soho House in Los Angeles, where they can see and be seen among L.A.’s movers and shakers. Additionally, the power players in Peele’s world follow A-list chefs, Michelin-starred restaurants and local restaurants in their own neighborhoods that cater to their needs.

Here, Peele shares the exclusive destinations where the ultra-rich dine, travel and shop.

Amanyara | Aman Resorts

The 1% Travel Destinations

How They Travel

Now, the 1% do not make their own travel arrangements, they use Elite Travel International, five star luxury travel planners that create custom experiences based on the travelers needs and desires. Elite Travel specifically evaluates each client and generates a personalized VIP experience for each traveler.

Where They Travel

The playgrounds of the rich and famous have long been synonymous with destinations such as St. Barts, Monaco and Aspen, but there are some fresh new movers and shakers and Peele shares his top five favorites.

Aman Resorts offers exclusive, intimate and discreet experiences for guests. While Aman Resorts has a multitude of luxe resorts around the world, Peele recommends Amanyara on the majestic island of Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos islands. With turquoise waters, pristine reefs and luxurious guest pavilions dotted along the beach, Amanyara is a truly regal getaway.

Burj Al Arab, Dubai is the world’s only seven-star hotel and is repeatedly voted as the world’s most luxurious hotel.

Four Seasons New York, with its rich history and sweeping views of Central Park, is the ideal location for jetsetters.

Necker Island, British Virgin Islands, is just a three-hour flight from New York, is owned by Sir Richard Branson and is frequented by celebrities and royals alike.

Hotel La Residence de la Pinede, St. Tropez is a boutique property that boasts seaside views of the Gulf of St. Tropez, personalized service and a two Michelin-star gourmet restaurant.

The 1% Dining Destinations

Restaurants come and go, and the 1% are just as fickle as everyone else when it comes to dining, but Peele has shared his best “of the moment” hot spots from Los Angeles to Ibiza.

Soho House in Los Angeles is a private membership club on Sunset Boulevard that attracts all of the city’s power players in the film, media and creative industries.

Nobu Malibu is situated on the Pacific Coast Highway with breathtaking views of the Pacific and a month-long wait for reservations, the who’s who of Malibu and Los Angeles can be seen dining at Nobu Malibu.

Per Se, New York City, is a gourmet dining experience that attracts A-listers from around the world.

Sublimotion, Ibiza has been dubbed the world’s most expensive restaurant.

Rivea, London is a helmed by famous chef Alain Ducasse and serves small plates inspired by the Mediterranean.

 The 1% Shopping Destinations

Peele says the 1% is all about bespoke; everything is customized and personalized for each individual.

Prada offers a Made To Measure service that “aims to satisfy the desires of the most discerning Prada menswear clientele.”

Louis Vuitton bespoke enables customers to choose a handbag style, color, leather and finish to create a bespoke handbag.

Maison Martin Margiela in Beverly Hills is a luxe boutique on Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills that is ideal for A-listers to pick up avant-garde items.

To be a jetsetter in today’s world it’s all about luxury, however and wherever you want it. The 1% seeks out adventure and customized experiences that are personal, creative and original. While the trends change on a daily basis, the foundation of how the 1% spends their disposable income is consistent, and it all comes down to finding the best of the best, or finding a savvy estate manager to find it for you.