6 ways to guarantee you'll be invited back as a houseguest:


Check out these great 6 tips to get invited back as a houseguest originally posted by Harper’s Bazaar

As the founder of Prentice Art Communications, Bettina Prentice knows a thing or two about hosting—whether it’s a black-tie event at an exquisite uptown venue (she is a native New Yorker meaning she knows all the best places) or throwing enviable parties at her homes in Manhattan and the Hamptons. So, we asked Prentice to share essential houseguest tips that will have people begging you to come back and visit (as long as you bring another set of those divine bath salts you gave them last time).

In addition to close friends, I often invite people for the weekend who I would like to get to know better. Countless lasting friendships have been forged over walks to Gibson beach or whipping up lunch for a hungry house purely on the bounty from Pike’s farm stand. Here are just a few recommendations offered from a hostesses’ point of view if you want to be invited back.

1. Always remember, you are not staying in a hotel. Your hostess has invited you to spend the weekend, and wants to spend time with you. I once had a guest who listed a dozen events we were attending that weekend from Montauk to Southampton – our definitions of “relaxing weekend” were obviously mismatched!

2. A small gift is always appropriate. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should reflect the length of your stay and the effort that is being made on your behalf. My brother co-founded MadeClose.com, a site that sources artisanal products from local makers. The site is well curated and the gift opportunities are endless. My picks would be either these Pink Himalayan Bath Salts by Mullein & Sparrow, or this gift set of soaps, inspired by a “year of scents” at the Beekman 1802 farm in upstate NY. Or for the foodie, White Truffle Mayo! Only $8/jar and it makes even an egg salad feel extravagant.

3. Hosting a house party is an expensive proposition so we always appreciate the one friend who comes equipped with several bottles of rosé, just what everyone is in the mood for on a warm summer evening. I love Wölffer Estate Vineyards’ light bodied rosé. It’s produced in Sagaponack, and a bargain at only $17/bottle.

4. Everyone appreciates a guest who is willing to pitch in. We love hosting dinner parties and there are always crucial ingredients that I’ve inevitably forgotten. The friend who offers to jet to the market or grab charcoal for the barbeque gets a gold star next to their name every time!

5. Remember to entertain yourself. Retire to a shady spot to read the paper or rally your fellow houseguests for a bike ride on Saturday after lunch. Your hosts will really appreciate having some quiet time as a family.

6. At the end of the weekend, strip your own sheets and offer to put them directly into the washing machine. I always thought that this was a gracious gesture regardless of whether your hostess has staff to help.

7. Nothing says “Thank you” like a hand-written note. I am a big fan of Sesame Letterpress & Design’s note cards, which are individually printed on a Victorian-era press in Brooklyn, NY.