Bryan Peele


Estate Managers Do the Darndest Things

It’s true what they say: The lives of the rich and famous are different than those of the ordinary and less financially blessed. One of the many ways in which they differ is that celebs and the super-rich often require a small army of personal assistants, chefs, stylists, bodyguards, nannies, bed makers and toilet scrubbers, all of who are often overseen by an Estate Manager (EM). Estate Managers are generally second in command of the household behind the home owner(s), and top-level EMs typically earn upwards of $150,000/year plus benefits and other snazzy perks, such as cars and clothing allowances. High and powerful as their status in any household may be, and regardless of their generous compensation, it doesn’t stop some home-owners from asking their EMs to take on some rather questionable tasks.

Bryan Peele, a veteran estate manager and the president of the Estate Managers Coalition (EMC) — he claims a world famous pop star, an A-list actor and at least a couple billionaire industrialists as past employers ­— hears all sorts of crazy stories from his EM compatriots. Of course, absolute discretion is a necessity for any successful EM to the rich and famous, so Mister Peele declined to name names, but did snitch that he knows of an international socialite who asked her EM to arrange an exorcism of her estate by a voodoo priest. He also revealed that a fellow EM was charged with taking spin classes so his high profile studio-head boss wouldn’t feel so guilty about missing the classes himself. One EMC member was required to administer daily vanity injections in his billionaire fashionista employer, and an Oscar-winning actress expected her male EM to break in her spike-heeled Manolo Blahniks by wearing them around the house. P.S. Just to draw the circle to a close, this property gossip has it on good authority that Ellen DeGeneres employs an Estate Manager, but we’re unaware of any out-of-the-ordinary requests she might have made.

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