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A 10,000 square-foot home doesn’t take care of itself, and many of the uber wealthy families who own them don’t want to tend to them either. So they hire people like Bryan Peele to make their homes run like five-star hotels.

As an estate manager, he takes care of everything from overseeing landscapers and chefs, to making dinner and travel reservations, to planning lavish events and training the staff how to properly fold napkins for a dinner party.

Peele, 44, currently works in the home of a Los Angeles family who made their fortune in finance. And as president of the Estate Managers Coalition, a group of about 500 other estate managers, he runs meetings, holds master classes on how to choose linens and set tables, and connects members with job opportunities.

Here are journal entries from a day in Peele’s life:

5:30 AM

Day begins with five-mile run and breakfast.

9:30 AM

Arrive at work. Meet with the Mrs. to review the schedule for the day, review any estate issues and the itinerary, then walk the property to look for any curiosities or matters that need to be addressed.

10:00 AM

Meet with landscapers for entire property walk-through and discuss installation of compost, removal of an imposing tree over the tennis court and the installation of a beehive to assist in pollinating the gardens.

10:30 AM

Take the car in for service. En-route make calls to the caterer, house staff, florist and videographer for upcoming charity event; complete last-minute details for event for 100 people in two days.

11:00 AM

Shuttle back to the house to meet with the organic produce delivery truck, followed by weekly menu-planning with the chef.

11:30 AM

Greet and pay mobile dog groomer once he finishes both dogs. Pay dog walker once he returns with each dog while the other is groomed.

12:30 PM

Call HVAC vendor to see why air conditioning is not working in zone three of the house. After receiving news that it will cost $8,000 to repair, I send an email to homeowners and call two additional HVAC vendors to come out to the estate to provide an estimate.

1:00 PM

Demonstrate to staff how to properly roll silverware in napkins for 100 people to prepare for upcoming event, as well as review proper table settings.

1:30 PM

Meet with representatives from Frette Linens to complete linen inventory, then host a master class with the staff regarding seasonal bed-making and linen care techniques.

2:30 PM

Meet with and walk through with the audio visual team working on the several hundred thousand dollar audio visual, lighting and security upgrade to the entire estate to ensure the entertainment setting will work in time for party.

3:30 PM

Grab a quick bite to eat in the car on the way to the house in Malibu to interview a potential new housekeeper.

On the way there, call to check in with the florist for the party and with staff to confirm call times, call liquor company to deliver more wine, call party rentals to ensure timely delivery, and check in with caterer to review last-minute menu changes.

4:00 PM

Arrive at the house in Malibu and perform complete walk-through to ensure everything is running smoothly. Run the water, lights, electronics, A.V. system, spa, landscaping.

5:00 PM

Call La Scala to make reservations for principal’s business lunch on Friday.

6:00 PM

Arrive back at main house. Say goodbyes and agree to drop off return items to Prada for the Mrs. on way in to work the next a.m.

7:00 PM

Arrive at Estate Managers Coalition board meeting, which is held every month. Greet all 25 members. Go over everything from how to pack a suitcase to time management.

9:30 PM

Arrive home.

10:00 PM

Drop Dead.

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