The Hollywood Reporter included Estate Managers Coalition in “Chefs, Nannies and Housekeepers: How Hollywood’s Elite Staffs Up at Home“.

Here’s an outtake about Estate Managers:

Estate Managers

The estate manager (or house manager if there’s just one home) is “like a GM of a luxury hotel — they run the show: staff, events, renovations,” says Baker. Estate managers report to the “principal,” or homeowner, and from a fiscal standpoint, to a business manager or family office. Hollywood business managers rely on staffing agencies to fill this critical position (and many others). Among those most mentioned are The Help Co. and The Elizabeth Rose Agency. “In L.A., the agencies are more relaxed,” says Mario Seiler, an estate management specialist at luxury lifestyle consultancy Majordomo. “Europe is more focused on requiring five to 10 years experience, whereas in L.A., [a flexible] attitude is key.” Agency fees can start at about 15 percent of an employee’s income (estate managers take home a salary of $100,000 or more). Estate Managers Coalition president Bryan Peele says they can also receive “a 10 percent cash bonus.” (Other full-time staff can get a week’s salary for every year in service. “Cars, trips, college tuition, gym memberships are also given,” says The Help Co.’s Claudia Kahn.)

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