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Thank you High End Magazine for featuring myself, Vice President of Estate Managers Coalition Ramsey Stevens and member Tom Sanford in “The Key Holder” by Kimberly Turner Quevedo. Be sure to check out the most recent issue of the magazine to read the full feature.

In the article, we talked about the Estate Managers Coalition and its mission, and the fascinating job of an estate manager. Here are four things every estate manager must know how to do, based on The High End magazine piece.


1. Multi-task

You’ll wear many hats, “from hiring staff and training them in how to open the door, answer the phones or other procedural manners, to handling billing and maintenance on appliances, to managing children’s or pet’s schedules. [The job] is always changing and always evolving, and no two days are the same,” says Bryan Peele. “At times that is what makes it exciting, but at times that is the biggest problem. You really need to be able to multi-task and have a sense of urgency.

2. Work with a sense of urgency

“When I was working for a really big pop star, I received a call on New Year’s Eve at 9:30 in the morning,” recalls Peele. “They were getting ready to board a plane in New York and wanted to have a party that night in Los Angeles for 150 people.” Even with the holiday chaos, Peele was able to pull everything together. The ability to “get things done yesterday” is one quality, according to Peele, estate managers need to have.

3. Roll with the punches

As estate manager Ramsey Stevens put it, “Because you are dealing with people’s private lives in a non-corporate setting, you see a lot of dynamics. Being able to roll with the punches and not fall apart is key. [An estate manager] also needs to be extremely flexible, have impeccable follow through, and have a sense of calm to their personality. It is a very fulfilling job, but not for the faint of heart.”

4. Put work above social life

It takes a lot of dedication and patience, and a lot of social life away because you are devoted and dedicated to this job,” adds estate manager Tom Sanford.

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