June 26, 2013 OMEGA INT.

This was the first day of training for the staff. Word to the wise… Designate where the first aid kits are stored and make sure everyone in the house knows here they are and keep them stocked at all times.

0900 Introductions and ground rules

1. Questions anytime

2. Ask if you do not understand

0915 Overview of the training

1. First Aid Training

2. CPR Training and Hands on

3. EDITH Exit Drills in the Home

0930 First Aid Training

1. Definitions

2. Basic Injuries, inside and outside the House

3. Burns and Kitchen Safety


1. Questions and Answers

2. Health and Safety Tips

1115 CPR Training and Hands on

1. Hands only version of CPR

1215 Lunch Time

1245 Burns and Kitchen Safety

1. Cool A Burn

2. Stop Drop and Roll- if your clothes catch Fire.

3. Any Fire in the House deserves a 911 call.

1430 Put all the training together with a house fire drill.

1. Emergency Incident upstairs

2. Who does what? How can you help?