Edited by guest estate manager Martha Lockie.

Couture clothing requires more care and consideration than any paparazzi photo would suggest.  Celebrities, the prosperous and fashion’s crème de la crème invest significant sums in their wardrobes, however many do not have the closet or storeroom space to house them – or they own multiple estates and waste time schlepping them across the world and back, risking damage and loss.  Keeping these collections safe, clean and organized is the job of Doug Greenberg, owner of Estate Managers Coalition member Garde Robe.   

High-end wardrobe storage service and garment care is an anomaly. Did you ever wonder where Oscar del la Renta’s complete archive of ready-to-wear collections is kept? Or if that “Hollywood Starlet’s” closet isn’t large enough to house all her couture gowns, then where does she keep them? Those in the luxury lifestyle circle have found a haven in Garde Robe’s services.

They not only provide clean, climate controlled storage lofts in clandestine locations around the world, they also offer a Luggage-Free Valet service, an exclusive Cyber Closet and together with AIG, have conceived a tailor-made Wearable Collections Coverage insurance policy.


In cities like New York where closet space is limited, having another closet away from home is an old idea; but now – fashionistas worldwide have discovered the secret too good to keep: Garde Robe storage lofts. Trend setters, couture collectors and design houses now have a safe and secure place to store their expensive designer labels.  Garde Robe utilizes museum quality and preservation techniques to cultivate a temperature controlled environment free of mold, clothes eating moths and insects, moisture and other force majeure. A Garde Robe specialist will visit your principal’s home and pick up their clothing for storage – it’s best to have it dry-cleaned first or Garde Robe will arrange for cleaning. The initial pick up and consultation are complimentary! Back at the loft the collection is inspected, cataloged, professionally photographed, sterilized and arranged as per requested by the owner (color, season, style, etc.). Security is tight, lips are sealed and non-disclosure agreements are signed.

Garde Robes Luggage Free Valet Service is a must for any jet setter. Your principal selects his or her desired Gucci, Saint Laurant, Alexander McQueen, Prada, Chanel, Tom Ford, Balenciaga, Givenchy, Hermes bags, Jimmy Choo shoes, et al, via Garde Robes Cyber Closet app. The designer wear is packed (properly) and whisked off to their destination where it is magically unpacked and ready to wear before their arrival. Voilà!

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The Cyber Closet digital management system keeps garments organized and easy to view on a secure website or as an iPad app. Cyber Closet is a bespoke tool enabling the style savvy to log where the garment is stored (home closet, 2nd – 3rd home, or at the Garde Robe loft. They can create outfits with the Virtual Stylist and make important notes such as the last date and event they wore the ensemble to so that they are sure not to make a faux pas! Cyber Closet also makes it easy to switch out seasonal wear with a Seasonal Wardrobe Storage service.

Eventually Greenberg became concerned for the collections of his clients who were turning down Garde Robe’s in-house insurance coverage and relying on their homeowners insurance to protect their assets. Apparel insurance is a niche business, it is often never thought of as an option and companies offering this unique coverage are hard to find. Greenberg looked to American International Group Inc. (AIG) for a solution. In 2015 AIG launched their unique “wearable collections coverage” available to clients of AIG’s private client group. Owners of this policy have protection on all clothing stored in Garde Robe facilities and also clothing that is in transit. This is a great caveat for those principals who have had (or don’t want) terrifying experiences with lost luggage while flying, dry-cleaning nightmares or household disasters including mold, floods and fire.

Style mavens, designers, wardrobe artists, professional organizers and bon vivants galore! Garde Robe couture wardrobe management is a fabulous means to organize, store and move treasured fashion from place to place at a moments notice. Their hallmark is that they have never lost or damaged an article of clothing – ever! Memberships start at $350/month. Additional services offered by Garde Robe which complement their memberships are: historical fashion research – appraisals – professional photography & cataloging – consignment & charitable donations – in-home seamstress services for fittings and alterations – fashion styling & personal shopping – closet organizing – luggage packing and expert garment care.

Find out more about Estate Managers Coalition memeber Garde Robe’s services on www.garderobeonline.com.