Private Air Travel

Check List Private Travel: 

  • Make reservation, acquire tail number and make initial food and beverage request 24hrs in advance call to confirm tail number and departure.24 hrs.
  • In advance confirm departure time with principals and which FBO they will be departing from.Ensure car is clean if you are driving principals and filled with gas.
  • Stock car with beverages and snacks if necessary also ensuring car is stocked with toiletries, chap stick, paper goods, pens, etc.
  • Arrive early to pre-load car if you are not doing the packing assuming packing has already been completed.
  • Have a list of topics and/or subjects to discuss with the principals that are important should they ask on the way, remember this is one of the key and rare opportunities that you have them as a captive audience so be prepared for it.
  • Once you arrive at the gate to the tarmac, press the call button and announce the tail number.(Have this ready on a piece of paper, NOT YOUR PHONE!! You do not want to give them the impression that you text while driving their cars especially with them in the car!!)
  • The ground crew will inform you as to which side to pull up to the plane.
  • First and foremost open the door for your principals so that they can board as you simultaneously instruct the ground crew which bags get loaded and grant them access to the trunk or other bags.
  • You personally carry on the principals carry-on luggage so that you can personally hand it to them and wish them a comfortable flight if you are not traveling with them and

A. check that the food and beverage order is correct.

B. Talk to the pilots and flight crew. I always use this opportunity to make sure they are not or have not been drinking the night before i.e. no blood shot eyes, smell of alcohol, disheveled look, etc.

Private Air Travel


Remember, this is your source of income they are flying and it is your responsibility to always have their back. If something should seem awry you can always approach the principal with the information and then ultimately it is their decision how they wish to proceed.If your principal likes cards i.e. solitaire, poker, etc. always have an extra 2-4 decks of cards in the car or placed in their carry on along with favorite magazines as it gives them an opportunity to catch up. I usually ask the flight company to do this for me, but have learned in the past that its best to make sure it gets done myself.Once above is completed and you have been cleared by ground crew you are free to leave. However, I prefer to pull the car over to the side out of the way and wait for take-off just in case they have forgotten something or I am needed for anything else.